Magyar Agar
Cserihegyi Finom
Ch. Vándor x Ch. Cserihegyi Fabula “Remény”

Csontrakéta Rapid Penge €500
Rapid Pedro x Kengyelfutó Sunny
Pride of Hungary “Johnny” €1000
Hondo Black x Fridays Twirl
Mashmad Bale €300
Fernando Bale x Ballymac Eugenie
Cserihegyi Another Little Help from Friends €300
Csontrakéta Rapid Penge x Fridays Fortune

Australian pedigree-designer expert Mr. David Brasch suggested to use Johnny on bitches which:
– Pride Of Hungary MUST mate bitches with Premier Fantasy in their pedigree,
– bitches with SONS of Brett Lee in their pedigree,
– bitches that bring in Brett Lee (or Big Daddy Cool) via DAUGHTERS,
– bitches that are saturated with I’m Slippy in their pedigree,
– bitches with College Causeway in their pedigree,
– bitch that brings in Spiral Nikita’s sister Tina Marina into the pedigree.

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