Magyar Agar

We are planning Magyar Agar litter for 2019: Rozsda x Cserihegyi Finom.


We are planning a Greyhound litter for 2019: Fridays Fortune x Black Kinloch.

Race bred litter planned for 2019. This line: Farloe Oyster x Kinloch Brae, produced racers like Pantera Negra (Alsonemedi bitch TR holder, Greyhound of the Year twice). Sire: actual European superstar Black Kinloch – 42 starts, 39 wins, 2 x 2nd, 1 x 3rd. Track records all around Europe.

Hünstetten 27,87
Alsonemedi 27,78
Gelsenkirchen 28,25

Fridays Fortune, Irish import brood from the famous Farloe Oyster line, same pedigree like Pride of Hungary “Johnny” (UK open winner – Swindon, Monmore), winner on races and dog shows as well, dam of several successfull racers, Hungarian Short Distance Champion 2016, beating 3 of the 6 FCI World Championship finalists entered.

Fortune’s first Hungarian bred litter: 16,55 Alsonemedi 280m (Help), Puppy Derby Semi winner (Paradise).

FCI pedigree, pet passport, Irish / UK registration is available as both parents are Irish bred & registered. €1000.

Planned litters:

2020: Pantera Negra x ?
2021: Mash Mad Emeli x ?

Diana Komaromi & Istvan Galik, Alsonemedi, Hungary