Magyar Agar

No litterplans currently.


2021 November
We are thrilled to announce that Hasskona Odile by Hasskona Greyhounds is going to be mated with Pride of Hungary “Johnny”.

Odile x Johnny litter


2022 Summer
We have the oppurtinity to have Lemon Ava (owned by Hasskona kennel) who will be mated with Jelly Flood next spring.


Diana Komaromi & Istvan Galik, Kocsér, Pest County, Hungary +36209472222

Past litters

2021 July
Pantera Negra x Magical Bale


2019 April
Fridays Fortune x Black Kinloch


Cserihegyi TAMO Carter: FCI Puppy Derby winner (Isaszeg), FCI European Champion 2021 (Münster, D)
Cserihegyi TAMO Frater: FCI European Championship finalist 2021 (Münster, D)
Cserihegyi TAMO Bolt: European Derby Consolation winner 2021 (Kincsem Park, Budapest)

2017 June
Fridays Fortune x Csontrakéta Rapid Penge


Cserihegyi Another Little Help from my Friends “Penge”: FCI European Championship finalist 2019 (Gelsenkirchen, D), track record 480m Kincsem Park (Budapest)
Cserihegyi Another Day in Paradise “Zorro”: open race 485m winner (Isaszeg)
Cserihegyi Another Johnny: Sprint Derby 2021 finalist Kincsem Park (Budapest)