2021 – amazing race season

We have participated this year mostly on the races of the Kincsem Park Budapest track, but visited the Isaszeg track (CGRC / CRF) too and our dogs performance wasn’t a disappointment at all.

Cserihegyi TAMO Carter FCI European Champion 2021 Münster, Germany. Owner: Antal Proksa (H).

2 racers bred by us has won 2 of the most prestigous races of mainland Europe:

Cserihegyi TAMO Carter – FCI European Champion 2021 Münster, Germany, CGRC European Derby Consolation winner 2021 Isaszeg, Hungary – owned by Antal Proksa (H)
Cserihegyi TAMO Frater – CGRC European Derby Winner 2021 Isaszeg, Hungary, FCI European Championship finalist & 4th pl. Münster, Germany – owned by Robert Fung (H),

To be the breeder of the first Hungary based FCI Championship winner since 2008 – it is simple amazing.

To have a CGRC European Derby winner (Frater),
an FCI European Championship winner (Carter),
a CGRC European Derby Plati Semi winner (Blake), and
a KP Europa Derby Consolation winner (Bolt)
in the very same litter (and it was a litter of 4 pups!) – this is something very special.

I am so glad the boys are doing their owners proud and prooved they are competitive at the highest level in Europe, even against Irish bred racers. And this only from the second ever Cserihegyi Greyhound litter which makes the “Cserihegyi FCI Championship statistics” as follows:
3 entries – 3 finalists – 1 winner.

Many-many thanks to the owners who are doing a brilliant job with their dogs.

2021 CGRC European Derby winner: Cserihegyi TAMO Frater, owned by Robert Fung (H).

Our own (owned or trained) dogs achived some pretty good results in 2021 too: 9 wins in Kincsem Park track, and some nice performance in Isaszeg also:

Cserihegyi Another Little Help from my Friends:
Derby Day Sprint Invitation

Cserihegyi TAMO Blake (own.: dr. Komáromi Viktória, Hungary):
Decemberi Trófea S1
CGRC European Derby Plate Semi winner, Final 3. (Isaszeg)
Speed Star Invitation runner up (Isaszeg)

Cserihegyi TAMO Bolt:
(6 starts – 3 wins)
Szeptemberi Trófea A0
Europa Derby Consolation
Decemberi Trófea A1

Hasskona Odile:
Oaks A1

Pennys Slibhin (own.: Sandel Chimoaica, Romania):
Augusztusi Díj S2
Szeptemberi Trófea A1
WGO Bajnokság A1
CGRC Eurpean Derby Final 4. (Isaszeg)
Speed Star Invitation Winner (Isaszeg)

More pics:
Kincsem Park track
other tracks (Isaszeg, Münster)

Cserihegyi TAMO Bolt Kincsem Park Europa Derby Consolation winner, trained by Károly Racsek (H).