Picture from the past: Hogans Kizzy

I received this picture from Pamela Francis at late night yesterday. I accidentally e-meet her (on Facebook) in an English racing greyhound group. It has been found out she owned Hogans Kizzy, the greyhound bitch seen on this picture, that is the mother of Silver Lining. Silver Lining, despite it is a she, participated the English semi-final in 1996. Her grandson is Francos Topper that is widely known in Hungary and also the father of my Black Dirty. Offsprings can be followed online on greyhound-data. There is much to be said, but it is always a pleasure to see the progenitors of our greyhounds and hear stories at first hand. This picture is special for another reason. This is a paper picture in a frame. It means to me that in the professional atmoshpere, which is convicted in our country, you can still find places where a greyhound is a family member or a pet, but not only a money maker device. This picture ornaments an English breeder/trainer lady’s place for at least 20 years.